Fam. Oberhofer Gruber
Brunnberg 14 • I-39030 St. Johann/S. Giovanni
Tel. +39 0474 671588 • Cell. +39 347 5052272
The shortest distance between two people is a smile.
Chinese Proverb


Chalet Naturel

The chalet (45 m²) sleeps 2 to 3.

You find a very special holiday refuge for guests who seek a more holistic approach.

The exterior of the building speaks of nature and its affinity with the natural world. We paid close attention to environmentally friendly products and structural criteria in order to guarantee allergy sufferers a healthy indoor environment. The apartment is built with wood from local sources. Due to heightened hygiene criteria, we do not allow pets in the apartment.

The floors are constructed of larch wood, distributing the heat of the integrated underfloor heating system. The bedroom are of solid stone pine, contributing to a healthy circulatory system of the human body during sleep cycles.

The tiled stove with its glass door adds a nostalgic atmosphere to the living room, especially on long fall and winter evenings.

The wet area has been isolated with loam plaster, adding to the moisture balance of the entire apartment. The Finish sauna emerges as a true and exclusive gem for the guests of the apartment. 

The roomy balcony facing south, constructed of solid larch wood, allows a direct view of the village of Lutago. The flat roof displays heath, typical for this area, adding a flowery crown to the chalet.